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Understanding Boot Loader

Understanding The Boot Loader. Before, I apologize travel malang juanda again ya to my brothers, I could create a new article diakarenakan. Hehehehehehe ... Okeh, this time I will discuss about the sense of the Boot Loader. Maybe, says Boot Loader still lay in the ear all my brothers. Especially for my brothers who are still new in the world of Open Source (red: GNU/Linux ^^). But, for my brothers who already understand more about tolong Boot Loader so that Understanding to share their knowledge here well. Hehehehehehe .... Okeh, without further ADO, please read the article about Understanding my version of Boot Loader:D

The Boot Loader is a program that is already embedded on an operating system to boot or call the operating system on the hard disk and other boot media such as Flash (e.g. LILO and GRUB). Usually the Boot Loader is used to select the operating system on your hard disk because the hard disk has more than one operating system. This Boot Loader, loaded on the computer's BIOS, which is then used to call the kernel of an operating system.

Thus, the Boot Loader is used to select and call the operating system on the hard disk and other boot media. For example, there are on the hard disk the operating system GNU/Linux Mandriva 2010.1 and Ubuntu 7. Well, you can use one of the Boot Loader that is already provided in the operation of the two systems. The Boot Loader should be installed on the MBR (Master Boot Record) on a hard disk or other boot media in order for the operating system contained on the hard disk or other boot media able to boot properly.

There are two types of Boot Loader on GNU/Linux, IE the GRUB and LILO:

gamabr: GRUB
GRUB (GRand Unified Bootloader) is a Boot Loader provided by GNU and GNU project. GRUB is widely used in a variety of GNU/Linux distributions. Because GRUB is widely used by a variety of GNU/Linux distributions, then the development of GRUB-became rapidly. Currently, there is a 2nd version of GRUB i.e. GRUB2 of existing GNU/Linux Ubuntu 10. More information about GRUB, click here and here.

LILO (LInux LOader) is the Boot Loader on the GNU/Linux operating system, Red Hat and its derivatives. Typically, LILO is often set according the needs of its users. Many of the configuration menu provided by LILO, LILO and were able to install and uninstall. More information about LILO, click here and here.

So, the bottom line of this Boot Loader program serves to call the operating system on the hard disk and media that can be boot-like Flash. Oya, you should be careful when configuring a Boot Loader such as GRUB and LILO. Because if an error occurs, you might not be able to boot the operating system.

Understanding Smart People

Understanding intelligent people not like kitchen set malang that dipikiran you. Understanding smart people by each person is different. Some say that the intelligent people of that more powerful diabandingkan with smart people. Perhaps, the sense of intelligent people my version is different than the other. Or perhaps, you agree with me will be the sense of intelligent people. Okey, please read my version of Smart Sense ...:D

Intelligent people are not merely know different things or knowledge. But smart people are the ones who want to divide (red: share). Although that's not how you knowledge, the most important is the divide between fellow. Remember, when science is divided, the science will not be reduced but will be growing.

Intelligent people are not merely got the answer. But smart people are the one who knows the way and running/action to get the answer with good and true. Just as Deuteronomy, it is better you got 80 with you during exertion than scored 100 but with cheating belongs to someone else.

Intelligent people not have any resources or anything. However, the smart people are the ones who know how to exploit the resources or something that to the maximum. For example, you have an old PC. Than you buy a new PC, you can update the old PC you overclock so that the resulting performance could equal or close to the new PC performance.

Intelligent people not only know an answer. But smart people are the people who want to try to get that answer in a way that is good and right and coupled with prayer. Yeah, effort and prayer is the most important thing.

In life, everyone has flaws and advantages of each. Don't think that you do not have an excess of anything. In the eyes of you, you are nothing. But diamta other people, you may be everything. No need to share their possessions to others so that you liked a lot of people. Only by sharing knowledge, you can get more than that. With effort and hard work as well as accompanied by prayer, then you will succeed with God's will.

You have two options:

Rose then create change, or give up with resigned without effort.

So, learn to be smart people is the thing that ye shall live. You mean in the world of science as well as in the hereafter. Okay, so my opinion of the article about my version of Smart Sense. If there is additional, please comment:D

Learn to make science is cheap (via internet), learning to get a diploma or degree is expensive (school, College, etc.)